 Akeiko Rawn, MNTCW, RCC Narrative Therapist, Consultant & Supervisor she/her My work is rooted in narrative therapy and as...

Akeiko Rawn, MNTCW, RCC

Narrative Therapist, Consultant & Supervisor


My work is rooted in narrative therapy and as a registered clinical counsellor, RCC,  I respect you as the expert on your own life and bring expertise in how problems such as shame, anger, and hopelessness get in the way of living well. We connect with values, and hopes (peace, freedom, vibrancy), and a multiplicity of stories begin to emerge.


We will explore ways to outsmart the tactics of the “what if’s”, worry, overthinking, no motivation, and anxiety. Mental health is understood differently through respectful and compassionate curiosity we will promote unique experiences and untold histories.


A never before had conversation?


“There is no such thing as perfection, originality is a beautiful thing”~ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Our Team

Administrative Support

Jerrica Zabala

Jerrica is our Mental Health Administrator. The friendly face at the front who completes client intakes, assists with session bookings, and answers general inquiries you may have about our Arches. Currently, she is finishing up her undergrad in Psychology with a double minor in Counselling and Educational Psychology. Her passion for social work within the mental health field is ultimately what is leading her to pursue a Master’s degree in counselling within the next year. She hopes to find opportunities to gain experience in the field to get a better understanding of what to specialize in the future. Click here to inquire with Jerrica.

Our Team

 Arches Counselling Associates

Simon – Currently no waitlist/ Accepting Couples

Simon has always been drawn to helping others. This passion led him to pursue a career in counselling. He is eager to hear your life stories with all of life’s obstacles, anxiety, depression, anger, or relationship issues.

He integrates a person-centered approach, using elements from cognitive behavior therapy, psychodynamic, narrative, solution-focused, Gottman, and Adlerian. Understanding your uniqueness and the life experiences that have created and reinforced the identity you hold of yourself. Simon is committed to making lasting change.

Contact:  simon@archescounselling.com or  Click here to book with Simon

Sarah – Currently no waitlist/ Accepting Clients

Sarah is here to embrace your healing journey and bravely explore the difficult aspects of life. she is committed to continuously upholding an environment free of judgment, safety, and a dash of humor to create an environment where you can thrive and unearth the most authentic version of yourself.
Utilizing narrative philosophy, which recognizes storytelling as universal to the human experience, and how we interpret the world, heavily dictates our experiences. Figuring out who you are in this world, or wanting to get to the root of any issue, I am here to walk with you every step of the way as you re-author authenticity into your life. Contact: sara@archescounselling.com or   Click here to book with Sarah.

Ben – Cuurently no waitlist / Accepting Clients

Ben is adept at perceiving a myriad of possible solutions to overcome challenging situations. He knows the enduring value of respect, enthusiasm, accountability, and communication. He has deeply internalized the values of kindness, empathy, and inclusion along the journey of assessments and therapies. Ben is committed to encouraging, validating, and engaging conversations with individuals and families seeking support for their unique and divergent journeys.Contact: ben@archescounselling.com or  Click here to book with Ben.

Lana  – Currently waitlist for September

Lana is an experienced and compassionate child and youth counsellor, and has experience working with trauma with various agencies.

She is attentive, has a sense of humour, and guides the clients to a grounded state. A newly trained Gottman couples counsellor in addition to a trauma-informed approach. Lana is also a FNHA-certified service provider.

She enjoys working with couples, refugees, immigrants, and indigenous peoples. Sessions can be held in English and or Arabic.

Contact: lana@archescounselling.com or Click here to book with Lana.

Arches Counselling Practicum Students

Camber has a passion for working with neurodiverse individuals. As someone with ADHD who has overcome many obstacles in life, Camber enjoys helping others reach their potential and live a rich and meaningful life. He has a background in teaching independent living skills to folks on the autism spectrum, as well as teaching yoga and mindfulness as a tool to manage anxiety and increase body awareness. As a Queer man, Camber also has a passion for working with Queer identifying individuals who may confront a myriad of barriers in accessing Queer affirming care. He is a strong advocate for social justice and change. Camber practices Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a modern form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy rooted in personal values and mindfulness. He also has a background in neuroscience as well as Buddhist Psychology. Please email to book with Camber info@archescounselling.com.

Stay tuned for our new practicum students coming soon!