The Arches Experience

Arches Counselling & Consulting offers an engaged and rich practicum experience. A variety of options to shadow therapists, tailored supervision and training opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in exploring a practicum placement with Arches Counselling & Consulting.

Arches has developed a positive rapport with various community service providers. We work with schools, mental health providers, and agencies to advocate for our client’s well-being. Collaboration within our team, to support multiple family members is as important to us as partnering with different resources to align our efforts with the family’s values.

What to Expect During Your Practicum

We are a small private practice and cover all the costs associated with training, supervision, advertising and administration. We charge a small fee for counselling to offset some of these costs; however we often provide no fee counselling for situations that are therapeutically necessary. We do not receive any funding for our programs and direct our attention to long term  relationships for our team. While there is diversity in the types of counselling there are some limits to certain areas of practice. We encourage you to discuss this in your interview.

Approaches such as narrative therapy, divergent affirming, EFT, play therapy with children, teens and adults may be part of your experience.

Depending on availability some reduced fees may be associated with supervision.‍

Practicum Placement

A peer buddy system is in place to share your practicum experience and growth together. We generally have students from Yorkville, Adler, and or City University as well as other programs to keep an exciting mix of learnings from a wide range of training programs.

Minimum 1 hour of individual supervision each week and 1.5 hrs of group supervision. There are 1;1 shadowing, co-therapy, and group opportunities. We have the creative freedom to offer a variety of possible integration of skills you have into your therapeutic work.

Our office is neurodivergent affirming and encourage applicants to already have experience, interest, and learning committments in this particular area of service.

Internship Application

Maximum file size: 8.39MB