As we discover what you stand for, are committed to and value, a young person describes the process as follows: " Akeiko and I are able to re-tell our story we have co-created. This is the outcome I have been waiting for, for seven years." 


People say therapy can change your life, from working with Elizabeth I  have come to realise therapy is truly  life changing.



Using Janeapp a secure video platform we can offer video sessions. 

In Person

Arches is closely following the provincial and federal safety recommendations. We have made accommodations to ensure ample physical distance and enhanced safety precautions in order to continue serving our community.  

Individuals who have the symptoms of a cold, flu, or Covid-19 including any coughing or sneezing should not attend in person sesisons.

Tele Health

A phone session is available in circumstances that video is not a possibility. 


  • Hand Sanitizer on site

  • Physical distancing rooms minimum 6 feet

  • Physical contact is not permitted

  • Office surfaces are sanitized after each use

  • Hepa Air Filters in each room
  • Health recommendations encourage virtual options whenever possible. 

We are committed to having an inclusive space founded upon ethical curiosity that embraces your unique knowledge, necessary to co-construct alternative stories.